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If you want to work with a talented and highly experienced professional illustrator, I without a doubt fit the bill. I'm a seasoned illustrator who concentrates on a wide range of specialties. These various specialties include fine art, caricatures, comics and cartoons. I also have over 30 years of in-depth art instruction expertise. Currently I'm enjoying much success in the instruction and caricature fields however, I'm working hard to gain more attention for my fine arts.

I offer my caricature services to a broad range of clients. My clients are often just normal, everyday folks. They're often brides, party organizers, country clubs hotels and real estate companies as well. My caricature drawing services are used by businesses of all sizes that are putting together company picnics, bar mitzvah celebrations, weddings, birthday festivities, open houses and other kinds of private and public events.

If you want one-of-a-kind illustration assistance, Michael White is the name to remember. I've been working diligently in my field for more than 35 years. Needless to say, I'm genuinely experienced. I'm a spirited professional who always has a positive, "can-do" attitude. I'm a good sport. I'm also a talented and respected art instructor. People can depend on me. I've been an employee at the Ringling College of Art for since 1993. I'm your guy If you want art services from a pleasant, easy going, affable and talented individual. I get along with children and adults alike, and that's extremely important in the art world.

My services are reasonably priced. I offer flat rate and hourly rates. I also have specific fees for certain types of projects. I'm generally extremely accommodating in the pricing department. I go out of my way to try to work within my clients' available budgets. I work hard to go above and beyond the call of duty for my clients. I always like to exceed their expectations and give 110%. Seeing my clients happy always makes me just as happy.

If you're searching for a reliable professional artist who is well-versed in art teaching (public and private), caricature commissions, commercial illustration, logo design, live caricature (excellent for events), comic book illustrations, cartoons, posters and much more, that's me without a shadow of a doubt. I'm a pop art aficionado. Pop art is far from my only talent, however. I'm also an excellent art and cultural tour guide as well as fine art artist producing lovely landscapes from my travels around the world. If you want a stunning landscape painting that's chock-full of breathtaking wonder, I can accommodate you easily.

I have a great art background. Art is in my blood. I've actually been an artist since I was merely 2 years old. It has been something that has motivated and driven me for my entire life. I'm immensely proud of that fact.

If you're looking for a skilled art professional who can aid you with private lessons, cultural tours and beyond, I'm here to assist you. I'm always eager to travel for my art. I love traveling all over the United States. I also love traveling all around the globe. Contact me today if you want more information regarding my work.

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